What's it all about?       The term "HandheldPC" (short named HPC or H/PC) implies a design reference for PDAs based on Microsoft's operating system Windows CE. Compared to the widely known "PocketPCs" Microsoft's HPC reference allows manufacturers to build a broad variety of different types and devices.
This site concentrates on HandheldPC, not on PocketPC, nor on Windows CE or organizers with keyboards in general.
Why another CE site?       With the market for CE based organizers growing we have to admit there is an increasing number of CE web sites, too. Most of these sites, however, focus on PocketPC. Specific information about HandheldPC is rare on most CE sites.
Besides especially German HandheldPC sites are often a little too itemized, e.g. handling the HP Jornada only. No surprise considering the HP Jornada was the single successfully sold HandheldPC in Germany.
Who's behind all this?       This is a private site without any commercial interest... There's nothing to buy here, there are no commercial banners, no so called newsletters or any other spam you may be afraid of.
What to find here?       Hopefully a lot of interesting and valuable information about HandheldPC. ;-) In detail: There's a hardware list with more than 200 devices, short descriptions, pictures and the possibility to filter the list by CPU, OS generation or other criteria. You can find a software collection with about 300 applications, tools, utilities, many of them are freeware. The list of FAQs is a little modest yet, but growing. In the forum you can ask questions, give answers and discuss opinions. Wed never claim to offer a complete set of information. Any hint which corrects and any contribution which completes these pages is welcome.
Navigation on this site is based on JavaScript. If your browser doesn't support JavaScript or if scripting is deactivated you won't see the menu bar on the top of this page. In this case most of the content is still reachable through a sitemap. To call this sitemap simply click on the logo in the top left corner.
All content on this site is in German language, sorry. An English version is not available yet. I've planned to release it as soon as I find some time ... unfortunately this is very unlikely to happen the next few years. In the meantime feel free to enjoy the poetry of computer generated translations ;-). A link to Google Language Tools is provided in the lower right corner of every page.

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